New BMW 5 series - dodo
Are BMW shifting the new 5 series? My local dealer has just phoned out of the blue to offer a new 530d for a few days to replace my incredible 330d (204 bhp) which I am well pleased with. My daily driver is an eight year old Astra Td estate so I'm tempted to send them back in that! Getting it this week - will keep you posted.
New BMW 5 series - Mike H
Answer's probably no, they aren't shifting - I've only ever seen one on the road. Just as well really, they might frighten children being so ugly :-)
New BMW 5 series - Aprilia
Hah, it'll sell just fine. True followers of the 'blue prop' will buy it, no need to worry.
New BMW 5 series - 3500S
Saw one in the high street at lunchtime, it\'s a mess of sharp edges and curves. It\'s kind of a bad representation of 1960s architecture on 4-wheels. Thing is I kind of see some people\'s point, it does oddly grow on you after a while. However, I don\'t think everyone will get it, it looks very dour in the gun metal grey they do as well.

Still, its nowhere near as ugly as the 7-series, it wasn\'t so much hit with the ugly stick as pink fluffy diced so hard, the ugly stick broke.
New BMW 5 series - Marcos{P}
My mate bought one so they must be selling. Saying that though after 2 turbo's in as many months and a wobbly dash I don't think my freind will buy another.
Just out of interest did anyone know that when a BMW fails within warranty they replace the parts with reconditioned units.
New BMW 5 series - Aprilia
Just out of interest did anyone know that when a BMW
fails within warranty they replace the parts with reconditioned units.

Yes, I know they do this - its to keep costs down and is applied to 'major' units like transmissions, diffs, ECU's, turbo's etc. A bit galling when the turbo fails on your 2-month-old car and they replace it with a recon unit, eh?
New BMW 5 series - henry k
Answer's probably no,- I've only ever seen
one on the road.

They seem to be rare here in Surrey. I am vey close to big BM dealers and BMs are the norm around here. Quite a few 7s so I suspect 5s are not selling so well. I have only seen two to date.
New BMW 5 series - 8 ball
We've been waiting for the new 5 in a lather of anticipation since it was announced about 12 months ago. Had an invite to the launch at the local dealers (it was an Elvis night theme?!). Took an intial test drive of a 530d soon after. Then borrowed one from a dealer for a day. Went like 'stuff' off a shiny shovel. Gearbox (auto) lovely and so quiet you'd hardly know it was a diesel. Interior, described in What Car? as 'austere' is about right. Loads of black plastic with twin binnacles - one housing I Drive computer screen and the other the clocks.
Then drove a MB Avantgarde 320CDi; borrowed for 48 hours. A bit harsh in comparison in terms of noise and gearbox smoothness (relatively, that is) but what an interior; and what a nice looker from outside. Driving position in the BMW was the main problem. I'm 6'0 and even I had to have the seat on maximum height; SWMBO felt she needed a cushion to see over the dashboard. Plus, of course, the looks of the thing. A major problem with those furrowed brows of headlights and chunky demeanour. Borrowed another 530d for a day just to make sure. Have decided to buy the Merc. We've had BMWs for 10 years but I'm sorry, reckon they've missed the boat this time.
8 ball
New BMW 5 series - Stargazer {P}
I have only seen a couple in Oxfordshire, but the first I struggled to recognise the car...not having seen any pictures...until it stopped close by and I could read the back.

I dont think it is particularly ugly, but BMW have made a big branding mistake as the car minus the badges is no longer undeniably a BMW whereas all previous variants of the 3, 5 and 7 have been a slow evolution and easily recognisable.

Ian L.
New BMW 5 series - Phoenicks
Whats everyone going on about - I've seen a few now and i think it looks fantastic. Bang up to date, graet interior (but admittedly low rent switches), looks great in my impression from any angle. Really like it.

In comparison the merc looks dated already, ungainly with weird front end and overall a bit blobby.

New BMW 5 series - trancer
I have only seen one on the M6 somewhere between B'ham and Manchester and I only saw that one because my wife commented "Thats a nice looking car" and I looked over to see what it was!.

8-ball's comment on seat height is enough to sell me on the car even though it will be a long time before I can afford one. I found the previous 5s to be lacking in headroom particularly as the majority of them are equipped with sunroofs.

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