Kenlowe Pre-Heaters - andrew brazier
Do you have any experience of the retro-fit preheaters that are available from companies such as Kenlowe?

I am about to fit an electric fan to my diesel Land Rover Discovery, but wonder whether a preheater would also cut down engine wear, and improve economy at the beginning of a journey (I live at the bottom of a 1mile long steep hill, which always makes the car work very hard first thing - especially in the depths of winter).

Many thanks
RE: Kenlowe Pre-Heaters - Honest John
Dear Andrew,

They do what they say they will do on the box. And there is plenty of space under the bonnet of a Lanf Rover to fit one. But you must ensure that thater is no corrosion sludge in the engine coolant or the pump will either clog up or wear out very rapidly indeed. So make sure you flush and revers flush the cooland system using Holts twin-pack Radflush before you fit the Kenlowe Hotstart.

RE: Kenlowe Pre-Heaters - simon saxton

Following Hon.Johns recommendation I fitted a Kenlowe Hotstart to my
Mercedes 190E & used it for four years.An excellent product that is nowe being transferred to my 250TD diesel.It saves significant money especially
with current fuel prices that will inevitably rise in the future.
RE: Kenlowe Pre-Heaters - Tony Scott
I fitted a Kenlowe Heater to my toyota Celica 3 yrs ago and would not be without it.
RE: Kenlowe Pre-Heaters - Simon Saxton

Does anyone know the best place to fit a Kenlowe heater in 1987
250TD engine bay? Being a Diesel, its a busy bay.