Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - LongDriver {P}
Apparently, for first two months, the ACPO has decided that in England and Wales, the ban will only be applied as a verbal warning.
Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - Pugugly {P}
Number of factors here mainly to do with Politics. ACPO declaring its political independance in the light of other issues mainly driven by the Home Office. Nice one. There is a rumour that the Police will adopt the same attitude if HMG ever manage to get the Hunting ban in place.
Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - Dwight Van Driver
Beware of PC Bellicose...

He might just ticket you for not being in proper control instead.

He he.

Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - cockle {P}
Yes, interesting.
Obviously nothing to do with all the confusion over exactly what is and what is not legal?
Was rather amused to read an article over the weekend in which a Government spokesperson was stating that there were no grey areas only in the next paragraph to be contradicted by a ACPO spokesperson saying that there were obvious grey areas which would only be clarified by case law!
Also a PC friend happened to mention on Saturday night that they had still not yet received their ACPO guidelines as to how the ban should be implemented.
IMHO one of the most botched introductions of a piece of legislation I've seen in a long while, it seems that absolutely no-one knows where they are!

Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - Doc
Let's hope the new law is enforced a bit better than the seat belt law, the fog light law, etc etc...

Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - Mark (RLBS)
They pulled her over because of the phone use and then found her to be drunk.

Now thats what it *should* be all about.

Pull 'em for speeding, pull 'em for using a phone, pull 'em for whatever and then have a good look at what else they're up to.
Mobile - Peter D
There is no confusion just that some people don\'t want to be banned from using it. Fine them on the spot, no warning, stopn pussying about. Regards

Mobile "Ban" to Be Verbal Warning Only - Pugugly {P}
Scottish Forces had always said they would prosecute from day one. I think it was the wrong message to send by ACPO in E&W to say they would only caution initially. By all means adopt the policy, I still feel that the ACPO are politicing. Look forward to defending a case in of the driver using his/hers in a jam.

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