BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - seank

Hello there,

This is my first time posting here so please bear with me..

I have a BMW 330D E 46, X reg 2000.

After last weekends down pour of rain, i went out to find a swimming pool in the passenger footwell of the car.

I thought it must be leaves blocking the drainage points, so i cleared these out and dried the car out with hairdrier and car heater.

The following day i was greeted with the same pool of water.

Can anybody help me, it is rainwater and not coolant of any kind i have been assured.

I have been trying to get a hold of one of those rare beasts called a BMW SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, do they really exist or are they a figment of my imagination.


Thank you.
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - Sooty Tailpipes
Do you have a sunroof?
These have draipipes which (certainly on other BMWs) go down inside the A-pillar. Maybe one has become detatched?

Good luck, water in a car is terrible, and very hard to dry out under the carpets, due to the layers of waterproof sound-deadening which will probably be still s**den underneath.
I reckon you'll have to pull up the carpet to dry it properly.
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - Sooty Tailpipes
s**den = 5o??én
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - NARU
I'd also have said sunroof if you have one. The only other idea I had was the heater matrix?

BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - seank
Thank you for your reply. Is it difficult or easy to take carpets out to dry car out properly. If it is done by BMW i presume that they will NOT lift carpets or the like and that they will only dry out the surface of the carpet where i will see it.

If i was to put it in a BAKING OVEN at a panel beaters for a half hour with all doors open etc wouldthis have the same effect?

BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - Civic8
Have you checked out heater air intake.bulkhead rubber grommets.I would have thought if it was heater matrix you would smell the anti freeze.Just a thought
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - seank

Thank you for your replies.

I called out BMW emergency services, (its all part of the warranty deal and that was expensive enough so i thought i would at least try and get some value from it). once the bloke saw that it wasnt coolant and that it was rainwater he said that it wont actually harm the car.


I have a sunroof on the car, however whenever i go through a puddle on he road i can actually see the water seeping in..

Solution to the problem on my wildly overpriced and overrated Beamer is i have found a SHOPPING BAG FREE FROM NEXT....
It is positioned half in and half out of the car straddling over the door sill.......Isnt german technology great.

CAr is due to go into Beamer garage tuesday... Will post updates...
Any other responses would be greatly appreciated though..

BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - seank

Sorry for my complete ignorance and rudeness mech1 but what are bulkhead rubber grommets and what do they do?
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - Sooty Tailpipes
The grommets are rubber plugs which are fitted into typically coin-sized holes in the body/chassis. An example would be somewhere in the boot under the trim, there will be one or two blocking the hold where tow-bar wiring would go thrrhough. Where wiring does go through the hole, it has a tight-fitting boot over it that fits in the hole making it noise and waterproof.

It is possible you have one missing at the front somewhere,, hope you get it sorted anyway, let us know where it was coming in.
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - Dude - {P}
Seank, - It is most unusual to find a Beem leaking and I question did you buy this vehicle from a main dealer or not????

If not then it could well have been in some accident damage which could have affected the passenger door seals and causing the water ingress.

Vehicles purchased under the BMW used car warranty are guaranteed not to have been involved in major accident damage, and if taken back in part exchange, are shipped out to independent traders for resale.
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - Aprilia
Vehicles purchased under the BMW used car warranty are guaranteed not
to have been involved in major accident damage, and if taken
back in part exchange, are shipped out to independent traders for

So what's 'major'? A prang on a door is probably not enough to be considered major, but could upset the sealing.
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - seank

The AA check (like HPI thingy) tells me that the car was never involved in a major accident. Car was fine in rain before, it just seems that after the summer it is now not able to keep water out from the door. Problem has been temporarily solved with a NEXT bag over the door sill. Not pretty but effective.....
Does this help guide anyone as to what the problem is...
BMW 330D E46 Door Leak - IKM
I had the same problem with an E30 with a sun roof. The drain holes in the bottom edge of one of the the door cills became blocked. The cill then filled up with the water from the sunroof surround which drains into the cill and overflowed into the car under the carpet. It was easy to unblock the holes but to properly dry out the carpets was quite a job. I had to remove both front seats, the central console and the trim around the bottom of the door openings. The accelerator pedal also had to be unhooked. The carpet came out with a struggle and I dried it in a boiler cupboard over a few days. Getting the carpet back in in one piece proved to be impossible so I cut off some of the bits which had to go way up under the dashboard and then cut the remaining big piece into 2 easier to handle sized pieces. I made the cuts under the central console and rear carpets where they wouldn't be seen when everything went back together.
Good luck.


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