clio faulty-chugging - outkast
can anyone help,my wifes clio (j reg)old shape is chugging on hills and stalling going down hill.Doesnt seem to pull well off junctions etc.
Im wondering if this is a points or fuel prob?
If its points does anyone know what the gap should be and how many degrees btdc the gap should be set?
clio faulty-chugging - Civic8
Could be any number of reason`s you don`t say what engine size single/multi point injection.not sure if that reg had a carb.won`t be any points on it electronic ignition.But timing should be adjustable.need to know more?
clio faulty-chugging - outkast
Sorry for the lack of info.
Its a 1.4 clio fidji on a j plate thats the old shape,I know its not an injection model.
do you know where the fuel pump is located?
Hope this helps.
clio faulty-chugging - Civic8
Check out car by car left pane.It may help.I would think it is a single point injection.I stand corrected if wrong.Be inclined to check out all vaccuum pipes that will cause it but are other thing`s that would cause it as well
clio faulty-chugging - Marie
I have a Megane Coupe (2000) and had similar problems when it was 11 months old. After many many trips to the garage (it was under warranty) they thought that it was something to do with the fuel coil - a new one fitted and now happy motoring!

Hope that this helps
clio faulty-chugging - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
If it is single point injection suspect oxygen (Lambda) sensor for slow switching. Have the valve clearances been adjusted recently? If so and are quiet they are too tight and will show up as rogh idle and lack of power.

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