Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - 3500S
I've put on 7000 effortless miles on my 131PS 75 CDT and keeping an eye on the oil, it's got through a litre in 7000 miles. I've just put another 1/2 litre in at 7000, a 1/2 litre top up at 4000 was also needed.

It's the first diesel car I've ever owned and I'm loving it, it's a fantastic bit of kit but just to allay any slight niggles, is this normal?
Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - Malcolm_L
My Passat used oil up to about 10k, since then the level hardly
changes between services.

If it doesn't slow up - advise the dealer asap.

Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - SjB {P}
Although never visibly buring it, my V70 2.4T has used a litre of oil in 10,000 miles from new, but the rate of usage has steadily fallen since about 8,000 miles, I guess as part of bedding in.

In contrast, my Hornet 600 motorbike now produces a puff of blue smoke if started, stopped whilst still cold, left for a few minutes, and restarted. Restarting when hot does not produce any smoke.

I guess this most likely means the oil scraper ring on at least one piston isn't scraping properly when cold, rather than being a weeping valve stem as I first thought. Would also make sense as the bike stands idle for four or five months of the year.

Oh well. I don't like it, but it's not worthing ripping apart yet, as it still runs beautifully, whips round to 13K as happy as Larry, and doesn't burn oil when warm.

Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - tr7v8
a litre in this mileage is actually very good. My 156 JTD doesn't use oil between services but this I find a surprise.
Typeically diesels use oil through their life as the combustion pressures are much higher than petrols.

Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - Altea Ego
Just be thankful you are not driving a Zafira 2.0D. 7 litres of black gold would have disapeared down the sump by now.

The Laguna DcI has needed a 1/4 litre each at 4k and 9k from new.
Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - 3500S
Cheers guys, that's good news, it's just a minor thing really. I was warned to expect it, the last two petrol cars I had never used much oil in 10,000 miles.

It was a bit of a shock but it's only short of a litre in six months.

How do people feel about an oil change at 7,500 (mid way though it's 15000 mile inspection interval) ? Good idea or not ?

Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - Dizzy {P}

I've just checked the oil level in my own CDTi. This has now covered just over 3,000 miles and the oil is about 5mm below the maximum mark. I probably drive more sedately than yourself so probably use less oil. The consumption you are getting wouldn't worry me at all.

Regarding changing the oil at 7,500 miles, I wouldn't bother as I'm sure it won't have reached the crucial 2% soot content yet. My oil is a slightly translucent mid-towards-dark brown - not bad for a diesel and a sign that it is not getting unduly contaminated with soot.

As owners of similar cars of similar vintage, it might be interesting to keep in touch on how they are running. If you would like to exchange occasional notes by e-mail, outside of the forum, please contact me at: davidwithers-at-bigfoot-dot-com.
Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - DL
I'd personally drop the oil at the 7500 mark, leaving the filter.

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Oil usage in a 75 CDTi - 3500S
Thanks Dizzy, I do about 80:20, motorway to town. Most of the motorway stuff is 70mph + sometimes prolonged *ahem* 85mph so I rarely drive it at optimal extra-urban, its either stop/start or 20 miles odd at 70. It's not driven too hard, I've very rarely had the engine up to 4000rpm, no point.

The oil is a darker brown, harder to tell now I've poured a litre of new stuff in there. :)

I think I'll get the oil changed though, should be just after Christmas at this rate.

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