AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - 3500S
Auto Express aren't know for their kind reviews of many cars and when the magazine came through the letter box and carried a two pager on the MG ZT 260 with a comparison with the 3500S. I had to read it there and then.

It's a superb article full of praise for the ZT260, limpet like grips, plenty of power, involving and rewarding drive and looks little different from the ZT190. Auto Express were very smart in comparing it to a 3500S, another Rover V8 with the same approach, very few differences to the stock 2000 but with a V8 engine. I should know owning one not quite in such excellent condition as the one in Auto Express which looked the dogs danglies.

Comparing the Auto Express review with the Andrew Frankel review in the *cough* The Times, it was quite a contrast. Auto Express citing it as a man's car with very little getting in the way between the driver and the engine, a meaty clutch and gearchange, oodles of torque and power, bringing 0-60 faster than any saloon at the price. Just like the 3500S and the ZT260 is unlike so many similar cars with electonic driving aids and traction control that flatter the driver. If you can't handle a heavier clutch and gearchange stick to driving a Supermini.

It's not perfect, the mpg and emissions would seriously clobber any BIK benefits but then this isn't a car to buy on a company car allowance. If you can't afford the fuel, what are you doing buying a car costing almost £30K?

Frankel came across as a bit of a wimp complaining that it didn't have a featherlight clutch or gearchange and no footrest for his clutch foot. He also called the interior dated, what! The 75 interior and the MG version are both thought of as one of the best of any car in that sector. As for driving feel, if he'd had ever driven any Rover V8, P6 and SD1 Vitesse he would know that it's direct, to the point and is very involving.

So full marks to AutoExpress for understanding a Rover V8 and MGR on a superb reworking of the 75 to RWD and also getting a lusty Mustang V8 into the car and charging only £28,000 for it.

Should sell well I hope.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - Phoenicks
Is that the same Andrew Frankel, the massively experienced Motoring Journalist?

Yeah, he must be wrong.... ;-)
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - No Do$h
Will you two please cut it out? I'm starting to get an itchy trigger finger on the "block account" button.

Phoenicks, get back in your corner for five minutes please. 3500S, stop rising to the bait.

Jeez, it's like a primary school at playtime whenever the subject of "Rover - good or bad?" comes up.

Now behave!

No Dosh, aka
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - Blurred
Whenever I have read Autoexpress the reviews are always on the positive side, no matter what the car.
It's hopless but understandable that it relies on saying nice things as it doesn't want to jepordise the future source of stories.
Would love to be corrected as I don't read any where near all the issues.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - pd
Ignoring the merits or otherwise of the ZT 260 I don't understand why a heavy clutch should be considered a good thing.

It's 2003 not 1963 and the idea that complaining about a heavy clutch is somehow not "macho" is frankly ridiculous. Spend 3 hours crawling round the M25 on a Friday afternoon in stop start traffic and an unco-operative clutch and gearbox soon make any car a hateful device. Other manufacturers solve this problem - why not MGR?

Is there an auto planned? This V8 is often combined with an auto so there must be a suitable one available off the shelf from somewhere.

AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - 3500S
No Dosh,

I call things as I see them, I think that's what having an opinion is about. If it jars someone's sensibilities and comes across as perhaps caustic in its tone then consider this. I'm not using bad language and it's not aimed at anyone personally on this board. I always thought a polite clash of opinions was called debate, if debate is to be avoided, then what is the purpose of this section when it is called 'Discussion'?

If you want to ban my account for that, go ahead, itchy trigger finger?

Make my day.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - Phoenicks
This is probably one of the first times we're in total agreement 3500S!!!!!
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - No Do$h
Debate is one thing, but every thread on the subject of Rover turns into a tennis match between you two. I'm just asking that the challenging and posturing that typifies the posts back and forth between you two gets toned down.

As for make your day 3500s, you know darn well I can but should I? On the whole you both contribute a lot to this site and I would like to keep it that way.

It seems the ultimate irony that you two finally agree when someone asks you to change the tune.....

No Dosh, aka
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - Phoenicks
Ok - a car view not a squabble. I love cars and can appreciate every car with an open mind until convinced either way.

Plus points: Great, solid engine. Good driving layout (i.e rwd). Admire the company for being different and listening to the engineers rather than the accountants, and i just love q cars.

Minus points: not entirely user friendly interface (by the sounds of it), heavy running costs, overtly retro, and dating quickly, design, feel the interior needs pipe and slippers holders, not can holders, bad image of rovers. Wouldnt buy one because the depreciation i feel will be massive. I hope i'm wrong.

AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - 3500S
But there'll be the fastest pipe and slippers holder this side of £28K. ;) And there's a few cars without a pipe and slippers as an optional extra than would love to know how MGR can do it for £28K.

The only people that have a bad image of Rovers are those prepared to accept the view of others. I've owned three now, they are anonymous / quietly admired which is perfect for me, they all offered great levels of comfort and largely as reliable as anything else I've owned.

Put it this way, in terms of people reviewing cars why are their qualifications for reviewing cars different to yours? They have a driving license and ???? What exactly? They can string a sentence together? They can read a press release in the public domain? They understand fashion ? What ? Some and only some understand cars have history, they have heritage. Frankel just didn't get that. Rover and V8 to enthusiasts as far a field as TVR owners to Range Rover owners is as synonymous as fish and chips. Rover know V8's. Auto Express recognised this, Frankel sounded as if he was reviewing the car for trips to the supermarket; he didn't get it.

Also the MINI is retro but no complaints there then? Funny, I saw a 75 in 1999 and thought, hmmm, too much chrome. Seen the latest Passat revised trim? It's a magpie's dream car. Outdated? Seems in terms of trim, it's the others that still have to catch up.

As far as 'macho' and 'heavy' clutch, it's a heavier clutch, not heavy. Frankel complained that it was heavier than he expected (hence the Corsa mickey take) whereas Auto Express rejoiced in the fact it was a 'man's' car. The clutch on my 1972 V8 isn't heavy, it's counter-sprung but it's not as light as a 1L supermini.

If I could afford a ZT, the last place I'd take it would be a motorway, it'd be sat-nav on and country roads home.

Granted 21mpg is gonna hurt but this is a 4.6L V8 not a 1L sewing machine.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - Phoenicks
Actually, i dont like the mini's design because it is retro. Interior is far worse than the 75's.

£28k for it? Yeah good value. However would you buy one with your own money? Only if you have Rover in your blood? Personally i would have a BMW 330 over the Rover. The only thing you can knock on that car is the image, but that is still better than Rovers - in a different way.

However if we're talking Rwd and V8 power for £28k i'll take the new Vauxhall Monaro. Saw it as the Holden Monaro in Oz and its absolutely lovely.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - T Lucas
I know that niether of these V8 powered cars is going to sell in great Nos,so can you imagine how the service depts for MGR and Vauxhall are going to get on when it comes to sorting out probs?
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - nick
I would imagine the Mustang V8 will be ultra reliable. It will be so understressed. If the built quality is good the only problems I forsee will be lots of new clutches and diffs.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - 3500S
Let me see an MG badge with all the MG racing history that goes with it, a real Detroit Mustang V8 complete in an all British Car with some top draw engineering names to it like a Tremec gearbox, AP Racing brakes, Dana limited slip diff, Eibach dampers and springs & a Prodrive design. All raw, no electronic aids, just mechanical linkages.

Let's put it this way, it's the closet you'll get to a TVR Saloon car.

Or a BMW.

s** the 21mpg, It'd be mine.

AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - SjB {P}
Given that the journo is Andrew Frankel, I guess it's this article that's referred to:

I really wanted a 260 ZT-T, finally giving up waiting late last year after one delay too many. After so many 'leaks' and 'exclusives' I wondered that it was nothing more than a halo vehicle (pun intended) to keep MGR in the press, rather than a real halo vehicle to be sold with the intention of rubbing off on the cooking models.

Having now seen the light of day, I truly hope it succeeds.
It really deserves to, and I take my hat off to MGR for having the guts to do it. Can't wait to hear one rumble past.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - 3500S
HJ, yeah, great write up. Now if I sold my two cars and my granny, I think I might have enough money to get one.
AutoExpress rates the MG ZT 260 - No Do$h
How many miles has your Granny done? Full service history? You could try e-bay....


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