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Just out of interest is the auto box in a vectra/astra, the same/better than in an omega,only there always seems to be problems with the omega and hardly any with the other two.
Vauxhall autoboxes - Dynamic Dave
The gearbox fitted to the Omega is different to the one fitted to the Astra/Vectra.

A previous post by Dizzy will save me some typing:-

Vauxhall autoboxes - madf
The Omega is made in Germany...the Astra in England...
Vauxhall autoboxes - Aprilia
If we are talking about vehicles of recent vintage then as far as I am aware both vehicles use Aisan-Warner units - of different specification of course. AW boxes are of Japanese design, with assembly taking place in various places around the world.
Vauxhall autoboxes - Sooty Tailpipes
The Omega was fitted with the GM 4L30E transmission, this was also used on many 1990s BMWs, some Volvos, Isuzus and Hondas.

It's an excellent transmission, however, to impress the fleet owners, the manufacturers incorrectly deemed it to be a sealed for life, and so some have failed due to lack of sevice. the ATF should be replaced every 70,000 miles to ensure longevity.
Vauxhall autoboxes - Aprilia
I have just looked through my auto transmissions data book and the situation looks more complicated. It would appear that some older Omegas were fitted with the Aisan-Warner 03-71L; some are also listed as using a GM AR25 and Ar35 and then we have the THM 4LE30 that Sooty Tailpipes mentions. The THM4LE30 seems to be an updated version of the old GM 'Strasbourg' 'box that was used on the '80's Senators. Isuzu (which has GM ownership) used the 4LE30 from 1992, but interestingly in my book it is listed as an Aisan-Warner transmission, and fitted with a transfer box of course.

Clearly there is some tie-up between GM and AW, not sure exactly how though.

I know that BMW used some GM 'boxes due to a few catastrophes with ZF 'boxes. I don't think Honda ever used them though - Honda have a long tradition of making their own 'boxes.
Vauxhall autoboxes - prm
Thanks for all your replies, very helpful.
Vauxhall autoboxes - Sooty Tailpipes
Honda used them on some 4wd for the US market.
Is your book calling Carltons Omegas?

On the continent Carltons were called Omega A and what we know as the Omega was Omega B. I have been caught out bu this before when buying brake pads which said Omega 1992> but The Omega B was not made then, they meant Carlton.

I'm 99% certain all Omegas use 4L30s from launch to end, just with different control units.
Vauxhall autoboxes - Aprilia
Actually I rather suspect that the 'boxes I mentioned are actually the same, but GM just renamed them at some point. Looking at the diagrams I have for the 4LE30 I am sure that it is just a modded (with electronics) version of the old GM 'Strasbourg' box. I could check with my friend who rebuilds these for a living if anyone is really keen to know.
Vauxhall autoboxes - Dizzy {P}
I once had to strip and rebuild a 3-speed Strasbourg box due to a radiator repairer getting swarf into it via the cooling system. I bought some bits via a friend who was an auto box specialist and he told me that the Strasbourg box was bad for business as they were virtually unbreakable.

I was very impressed with the design, very strong and reliable yet with several time-saving innovations. For instance, the entire epicyclic gear clusters are held between two plates with figure-of-eight fixing holes so that a quick twist of the plates holds everything in place, with only three small screws to do up to securely lock the whole assembly. Also, unlike the Borg Warner boxes, there are hardly any internal pipes because the oil channels are machined like canals into the surface of each half of the valve bodies so that bringing the bodies together also brings the canals together to form the multiplicity of oilways.

I expect these design aspects are commonplace now but I'd never seen them before. Apart from compressing the extremely strong solenoid springs, the box was a pleasure to work on and no special tools were needed, just common sense and patience. However I would be very reluctant to tackle a modern electronically-controlled box!

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