(Wandering) Plates in the night... - RickyBoy
Woke this morning to find that most of our road appears to have been 'done' overnight by les number plate bandito's!

I've lost my front, neighbour his rear, other neighbour both, his neighbour both, repeat to fade...

Guess MK Plod will be receiving a number of calls this morning and MK Halfords quite a number of sales this evening?

(Wandering) Plates in the night... - No Do$h
And guess a number of you will be getting speeding tickets and congestion charge notices you know nothing about through your doors in short order....
(Wandering) Plates in the night... - RickyBoy
Plod said that a National Marker(?) had been put on my Reg No. from today, so hopefully I'll be able to return any that slip through without any cost to myself? Tedious tho'...
(Wandering) Plates in the night... - Pugugly {P}
Probably some mindless idiot on the way home from the pub. Prepare to stopped every time you pass through ANPR etc. Put a sticker on your car (GB, Enge{r}land etc) so that you have a visual reference front and rear in case of any photo shots of your car as it speeds thru any number of automated detection systems - from Speed Cameras to Petrol Station CCTV. Probably vandals though....
(Wandering) Plates in the night... - RickyBoy
Good call (Probably some...).

Neighbour rang in before lunch to say he'd found his/mine buried in the midst of his nearby pampas grass bush(?)!

He's phoned Plod to undo all of the original doing too.

Kids today, eh? Hang 'em all...
(Wandering) Plates in the night... - billy25
He's phoned Plod to undo all of the original doing too.

shame really!
the "national marker" thingy *may* have been a *useful* accessory!!....;-)
(Wandering) Plates in the night... - Galaxy
The stolen number plates will almost certainly be used to do "Drive Aways", i.e. a free tank of petrol, from petrol stations.

The thieves just use them once for this purpose and then throw them away!

Value my car