pug 306 vibrations - pug_306_xsi_8v
hi lads

i have a 306 xsi and im getting some vibrations....when im stand still and i put my foot on the accelerator and i could feel a slight vibration.ive got someone to check the exaust its fine....enigine mounts fine.......when i showed it to my uncle he said the acclerator cables strenghed abit....he goes its to the max.........so he said get that checked.......anyone got any ideas what it could be?

pug 306 vibrations - Civic8
Some cars do give a slight vibration.as you don`t say if you have any other problems.could be exhaust at certain revs some motors have a vibration that sounds only but cannot feel.Doubt the accelerator cable will cause it.A stretched cable will only prevent top accelleration and top speed giving false info to the ecu
pug 306 vibrations - Caveman
How did you test the engine mounts? Does the engine jump about in the engine bay on tick over - when engine is revved, a.n.other?
pug 306 vibrations - pug_306_xsi_8v
no the engine does not jump about on tick over. when engine is reved you can feel it when it decreases the revs......you can feel a slight vibrations.....


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