Auctioning a Car on ebay - Mark (RLBS)
Two guys I know have in the last two months;

One bought a Lotus Esprit, for around £9k I think, and was very happy.

The other sold a 300 twin turbo for around £3 - £4k.

I can't say that I'd do it, but they were both happy with their experiences.
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - Pugugly {P}
Whilst pondering a replacement for the Cav's radio (cause of death: new battery,dodgy LCD readout and worn buttons)As a direct result of surfing into the br and following the Ebay link I sourced a brand new Grundig unit for £32.00 which slotted into place.
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - Vansboy
& I wonder if the man it really belongs too, knows where it is!!??

Only joking!!

Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - Pugugly {P}
Ah but I know where he lives !
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - nick
I've bought 3 cars on ebay in the last 18 months. A Triumph 2000, sight unseen, but it was fully rebuilt and the guy could back up everything he said about it. Bought on the understanding that if it was not as advertised I could reject it.
I ran it for 6 months but it was too good to use and I sold it for a profit of £300.
A Rover 3500S for everyday use, and a Minor for parts. Both viewed beforehand and treated like any other used car purchase except that you don't have to make your mind up there and then. Both bought for under the going rate.
It can be a fun way of buying, but always view first and always have a maximum price in your head when bidding and stick to it. I'm tempted to try selling too, maybe next time I change. Trouble is, I tend to buy often and sell rarely!
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - MGspannerman
A dealer friend of mine regularly uses ebay to dispose of cheap trade ins that are not worth the effort of valet and repair and for cars with problems that are not economic to fix. He recently had a Pegueot 106 that blew a head gasket but otherwise was in good condition but not worth the hassle of fixing it up for retail sale. he sold it as seen for a much beter price than he would have got in the trade and also disposed of a problem to somebody who has a weekend or two to spare to fix it. There is very little market for older cars now but they have to be taken as trade ins to get the deal and even scrapping them is costly so ebay has provided a perfect solution for him. Also a good way of disposing of sundry extras such as roof racks and so on that are taken off cars for stock. I am contemplating selling a Fiesta (white, X reg, base spec 1.3, full MOT and 27k)shortly on ebay and plan to research the price using autotrader or similar and then set a reserve at an attractive level in order to coordinate disposal with the arrival of the replacement.

Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - 3500S
Hi Nick a 3500S for everyday use? I wish I could use mine that way :)

I've sold a 2000TC on Ebay, no reserve, and I did alright out of it, I found lots of photos raised the interest and an honest appraisal of the car helped too.

I'm tempted to delve in because prices are generally lower than club magazines or other publications. I ended up volunteered to helps someone look at a few and mostly they are fair with their descriptions, that's what I find you have to be most wary of.

I go for bits mainly, especially the odd original panels as these are really worth hordeing away and the prices are cheaper than other suppliers.

It's badges and trim items that are the big sellers on E-bay amongst classic cars.
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
First time - sold a 1972 Reliant Regal for £51 yesterday.
Works OK.

I can recommend Ebay and other HJ links. (I am not getting a fiver for this!)
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - OldPeculiar
Personally I havn't tryed buying a car on Ebay and am probably unlikely to, I just prefer going round to see the cars before offering money. I would however use it for spare parts and maybe some new car mats (carpet preferably)

As an aside is it me or is Ebay having something of an advertising frenzy at the moment? Almost every site I go to seems to generate an Ebay pop-up!
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - trancer
It isn't you, I spend quite a bit of time on Ebay and while there I get Ebay pop-ups advertising their own services!. A bit like handing Ford brochures and ad material to someone who has just bought a Ford. 8-)

I haven't bought or sold a car on ebay, but I have dealt with many other items. The key to a good auction is lots of detailed pics and descriptions as well as fast response to any e-mail queries. Nothing puts me off more than e-mailing a seller about something and waiting days for a reply. Makes me think how long I will have to wait for an item should I have the winning bid and will I be able to contact them if there is a problem.

I don't want to draw any US vs UK comparisons and irk anyone, but head over to the US site and have a look through the auto auctions there. Many auctions will have upwards of 20-30 high resolution photos, professional lighting and staging etc, showing very high detail of the smallest stone chip or scratch. I sometimes think that you could possibly do a better inspection of the car from the photos than in person!. When you think about the standard 4 or 5 photos seen on the UK auto auctions, it is easy to realise which auction you would rather be involved with and will fill you with more confidence regarding a purchase without a first hand inspection.
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - madf
I use Ebay for buying bits for my son's 11.1 Fiesta (new wing mirrors £16 goatta be a bargain for 2).. and buying and selling computer bits and car books (I sold a MINT Porsche book for £105 last year which cost me £30 new:-) (upgraded my PC with new cpu and 512MB RAM for a net £10..)

Nevre tried to sell a new car but I think ebay is revolutionising how we sell s/h things we no longer want . Big selection of cars on sale.. I'll try it when I come to sell SWMBO's immaculate (nearly) 10 year old Peugeot 106 diesel with <40k miles and fsh..
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - nick

Well not quite everyday. I have 2 Minors too and they all need using so the Rover gets a couple of journeys a week. The 5 speed box helps a little on economy, or at least it should if I didn't floor it regularly! But why have a V8 to pootle around?

As an aside, I have just bought a 2000SC from a guy in my village which had been of the road for 12 years. A rusty base unit but all good panels and trim for £100! So it looks like the 3500S will get the decent panels and a respray in the spring. I'll flog any bits I don't want on eBay.
Auctioning (a bit of )a car on ebay - the judge
I used ebay to auction an X reg Clio recently. There were 15 bids, but the top one didn\'t meet the reserve I set. However, I eventually sold it to someone who had seen it on ebay (they didn\'t bid)and who contacted me by email, so I got the right result.

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