New Micra Clunk - Craig_1969
I have just bought a second hand base model Micra - newest shape April 2003, privately.

When I wind the steering over to the right full lock and reverse I get a clunk from the front offside wheel area, about 1 time in 10. Also hear a similar noise from the rear nearside wheelarch, only heard it once there though. It sounds like a sticking pad or handbrake cable.

Any suggestions? Should I just book it into a stealership under warranty?
New Micra Clunk - NormanB
Call me a bluff old traditionalist - but the lack of heat in my garage would make the warranty/dealer option the way to go, particularly at the moment!!
New Micra Clunk - Civic8
Did you not have the warranty transferred to you.It may be caused by the spring not following the damper as it is being often occurs on older cars.I may be corrected here?.
but that sounds similar I may be wrong.what it means is the spring at the top and bottom needs a bit of it won`t make a noise as you put it simply.Let me know how you get on.
New Micra Clunk - Aprilia
Agreed - it could be the upper spring mount. A kind of 'boing' noise?
New Micra Clunk - Civic8
Sound`s like it hope you get it sorted.Did you not get the warranty transferred assuming you can do that?
New Micra Clunk - Craig_1969
I wobbled the wheels and when I move the wheel there seems to be some play in the steering, possibly the rack. Going to call the dealer this morning to get it seen to. Seems to be particularly bad when I run over a pothole and then wind the steering right over in reverse.

Many thanks

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