BMW Mini? - Martin Wall

Has anybody out there got a BMW Mini? Apart from the fuel filler problem has anything else gone wrong with it? How long does delivery take?

Re: BMW Mini? - coco the clown
if you go to you can buy a mini one, for £8500.
Re: BMW Mini? - honest john
Coco is clowning and wasting our time. This isn't true. doesn't havc MINI Ones for £8,500. (If you key in you automatically go to the .com)

Re: BMW Mini? - cocos not clowning
if you go into then go into auctions, sometimes a banner ad says 'mini one, i can find it for you, for £8500' we find it for you, at kelkoo.

also if you go into it DOES bring up a .com but it has UK in the title. if you go into it brings up the american site.
Re: BMW Mini? - David W
Just popped in after a few busy days away. What a persistant chap CW, full marks for cheek.

A few days ago Randolph Lee posted a very kind, fatherly and apt message, well worth repeating the main parts here.


........Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive... And it is VERY HARD WORK dealing in'stretchers' all the time... telling the truth is so much easier... you no longer have to keep track of all of your old Porkies.....

All a man has that is of true worth is his Honour... it takes a lifetime of
fair dealing and straight talk to develop a reputation as a straight
shooter. You are young and still have chance to mend your ways.

Don't post to threads with half remembered tips as if they came from
experience that is yet to come.

Don't start threads just for the fun of seeing your name at the top of the
list for a while... post serious questions and after a while you can win
back your credibility.

Uncle Randolph
Re: BMW Mini? - Dave
"from experience that is yet to come."

This is poetry!
Re: BMW Mini? - cocos not clowning
i asked kelkoo a question about the £8500 mini, and they say it was a special offer from a company called something like, only 10 cars were £8500.
Re: BMW Mini? - Hugh Jengine
No it's Kelkoo who are wasting our time. I saw the link too and followed in knowing that there was no was they had a Mini One for £8500 or for any amount of money.
Just another fly-by-night .com outfit trying to get their counters up.
btw the prices they come up with for just about anything are rubbish.
Re: BMW Mini? - honest john
Except if you use the kelkoo search, specifying £8,500 or even £9,000 for a Mini One, the search comes up with a zero result. Whatever the Yahoo banner, there's no Mini One at Kelkoo. Perhaps they did try an on-line auction, starting the car at £8,500, but as anyone who knows auctions knows, the bid a car starts at is very rarely the bid a car sells for.

Re: BMW Mini? - Dwight Van-Driver
Seems to me that CW's problem is that his Piston Broke......
Re: BMW Mini? - honest john
So we can't have one then, and the information was useless.

Re: BMW Mini? - cocos not clowning
sorry about that.

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