New car quest - John Shelton
Hi in my seemingly never ending quest to find the "right" new car I noticed that both motorpoint in Derby and motorhouse 2000 in Sutton have some great deals on Ford Focus diesels., but some of the models shown are not sold in the UK anymore, although they were 2 years ago. Namely the Focus TDDI H/B (90bhp) which i presume is the old burner out of the Escort. Im just wondering how much better the new Common rail TDCI engine is. Ive only found one thread about the old 1.8 burner so far. Also, went to MH 2000 and found a number of specced up 1.8 TDDI Zetecs with more extras than a Ghia, but found out they were sourced from Cyprus with only a 1 year "in-house" warrenty, checked with Ford UK who said definatly not honour any warrenty on these cars as they are from outside Europe, and that includes the 12 year anti-perforation warrenty, so MH 2000 are selling new cars basically wthout any useful warrenty except for the "in-house" one.
New car quest - T Lucas
All comes down to price,and if the price is ok they will sell every one that they have regardless of the warranty.

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