Nissan Micra towbar - Cambridge Chris
just trying to fit a towbar to a 1993 (K10) Nissan Micra and have found that the drop bar will not fit because it fouls the existing towhook on the car. I have contacted the towbar manufacturer and from our conversation I seemed to have done everything correctly and he states that there must be a problem with the car, he suggested that it may have suffered accident damage and the boot floor not pulled back correctly or the towhook has got bent. He suggested removing the existing tow hook with a hacksawn as it was only soft metal. Any one with any experience or able to offer advice would be appreciated. Should I just do has he suggested or get my money back from him stating that the product is not suitable. If I do this of course I'm left with no towbar and four 10mm holes in the boot. No wise cracks please about wanting to fit a tow bar to this little car as this is only going to used to pull a single bike trailer so I can get my "Honda Fireblade" to track days.
Nissan Micra towbar - deltaseven
Hi Chris,

Would you not be better off fitting the tow-bar to the Honda Fireblade, and towing the Micra with the bike?

(Sorry - couldn't resist that one...)
Nissan Micra towbar - Cambridge Chris
Definetely not the Fireblade is not road legal unless you find a deaf blind copper and then there's no need for the Micra, the fireblades much more fun anyway.
Sensible replies from now on please...
Nissan Micra towbar - Big Vern
I recal fitting a towbar to a 1991 Primera, where I had to unbolt the towing eye. In fact the towbar assembly may even have used the threaded holes as one of its mounting points. I have never looked underneath a Micra and for all I know the eye could be welded on. But I thought it would be worth posting this anyways.

Hope you get it on ok
Nissan Micra towbar - Cambridge Chris
Thanks Vern, indeed the tow eye is welded to the floor pan.
Nissan Micra towbar - RichardW
Once you've got a tow bar you won't bother with the towing eye should you ever need to tow anything - just tie onto the tow bar! So, make sure the bar is centered and in the right place, and if it still fouls the towing eye, unbolt it or chop it off.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Nissan Micra towbar - Cambridge Chris
Sounds sensible advice, now where did I leave those bolt cutters....


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