Accelerator - can it be stiffened? - oopnorth
Just got a 98 Audi A4 tdi, but am finding the accelerator pedal a bit light - ie it's making my ankle sore holding it midway! Is it possible to fit some sort of tensioner to make it stiffer - and is this a DIY or expensive dealer job?
Accelerator - can it be stiffened? - Craig_1969
Its a bit like my Passat tdi. I have a fly by wire system for the throttle, I suspect you do too. And yes its light as there is no cable to push, just a sensor on the pedal.

I find I have a problem when I hit bumps - the throttle "bounces" with my leg and makes the bumps worse. NASA had a similar problem with thier first fly by wire planes.

Dunno if you can change the spring.
Accelerator - can it be stiffened? - Andrew-T
Doubt if you can adjust the spring at the 'engine end', but you might add a light return spring to the pedal spindle?

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