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Thinking of buying new Golf GT TDI from Motorpoint. Car would be an import - anything to be wary of? Particularly wondering if will get poor service from main dealers at servicing (car not bought from franchised network). Also concerned about whether resale value may be affected with an import.

Other option buying UK sourced car from broker, or I suppose going to local dealer and asking them to match broker price.

Would be interested in people's views.

Buying New Import - Dude - {P}
This subject has been discussed on this forum many times, but if it was my money, with the current Sterling/Euro exchange rates, I would definitely be chasing up quotes on a U.K. spec vehicle from a U.K. broker and avoid the potential hassle and increased depreciation of an import.
Buying New Import - DavidHM
Looking at the Motorpoint site, it seems that Motorpoint want £14800 including metallic for the 1.8t 3 door GTi. Add the cost of the additional year's warranty, say, £300, the admin fee and a year's tax and you're nudging £15300.

That's more or less the price of the car from without metallic. That assumes that the car is to correct UK spec - it may be, it may be more than that, but it also may be lacking a radio, for instance.

In my opinion, while you may save a few hundred quid or get a few nice extras, a broker (not necessarily UKCB but they have a good reputation and it's easy to get their prices) is likely to provide you with far less hassle, as well as making your name the first on the registration document and eliminating any (addiitonal?) attitude problems from the dealers and offers better value.
Buying New Import - LongDriver {P}
As an owner of two cars purchased from Motorpoint (1 x Galaxy Ghia 53 plate, purchased new, 1 x Vectra 03 plate, purchased 6 months old), I consider they offer good value and a good selection of vehicles.

Their new stock is almost exclusively imported and, although not pre-registered, you won't normally be the first owner on the V5. You will probably get a different warranty from UK-sourced vehicles - this MAY be a better warranty for some people - eg if you are a high mileage driver. You may get a better spec than equivalent UK-supplied vehicle (as the Galaxy does, for example).

My Galaxy, for instance, according to the V5 was owned on 1st September 2003 by SPA Rental (for one day only), was registered on that day and became owned by me on 2nd September. In my case, this is unimportant, as the Galaxy will have covered more than 120,000 miles when I sell it on.

A lot of their used stock appears to be sourced from Europcar hire fleet. Some even have hire paperwork in glove box from last hirer (oops!). Their used stock therefore has UK warranties.

One point to note. Galaxies at Motorpoint have just gone up in price by £1000 - I assume that is caused by £/Euro exchange rate earlier in the year when Motorpoint acquired the vehicles or acquired the rights to sell these vehicles.
Buying New Import - ajsdoc
Thanks for the replies. Do you think if I go to the main dealer with the broker price that they will try to match it?
Buying New Import - misterp
Good time of year to be approaching a main dealer to see what he can offer. As I have posted elsewhere Toyota beat ukcar broker by £500 on my corolla.
Buying New Import - topaktas
Do you have to buy new? I have found VW dealers very willing to trade (I nearly wrote "talk turkey") and the VW website abounds with Golfs.
Buying New Import - Honestjohn
VW usually gets set end of year targets for total registrations in the UK. Last year it was 160k, which meant 20k cars suddenly had to be registered.

Buying New Import - John Shelton
Went to look at several Ford Focus 1.8 TDDI's at Motorhouse 2000 limited, alocal car supermarket, said they came with one years warrenty, found out the cars were sourced from Cyprus where there is NO Ford presence, rang Ford UK and they said because Cyprus is outside Europe they would NOT honour any warrenty on the cars and that included the 12 years anti perforation warrenty, so basically you would be buying a new car with no warrenty except an aftermarket one sold by the car supermarket.And no rust cover.
Buying New Import - LongDriver {P}
I've heard similar problems abour Fords (and Vauxhalls) supplied via Cyprus and also Malta.

There are other threads on here on this subject.


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