Mondeo 2001 Water leak - J1mbo
Hi, with all this rain I have noticed a puddle of water near the drivers door kick plate. Its on the inside of the door, the puddle is on the plastic trim which borders the carpet. I can't see a leak around the weather strapping, could it be coming in from behind the trim? It does feel wet at the base of the trim nearest the footwell.

Mondeo 2001 Water leak - billy25
it may be a blocked drain-hole in the base of the door,which is allowing the bottom of the door to fill up (especially after heavy rain).the water may be then seeping out of a fixing hole for the interior door panel,and causing the problem.also check the seal between the door and window as this is one of the main places water enters the door interior.

Mondeo 2001 Water leak - J1mbo
Will do mate, ta for the help.


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