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I was e-mailed the following link (slow server, takes a few seconds to load), which is a pretty impressive testimony to Volvo S80 safety devices. Judging by the location of the wreck - on an exhibition plinth by the look of it - others would agree.

Scrolling down the pictures, every single safety device has been used, from bags, to curtains, to crumple zones, to SIPS and so on.

I am told that the occupants were relatively unscathed, which without being gruesome, can be believed both by looking at the interior and by the fact that the car is on aforementioned plinth, but if any Backroomer can read Chinese script, it would be interesting to learn what actually happened. Impressive though the car is, a very sobering thought, none the less.


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I've twice tried to follow SjB's link (I know my antivirus and firewall are up to date and working)

both times, it has attempted to autoinstall some software without identifying the software or originator (dodgy !), and the installer only has an OK button, no Cancel (very dodgy), clicking the X to close has no effect, and using Task manager to terminate the update closes all your browser windows

It might just be me but I would not go any closer to that site without a very long bargepole

take care...

Bora - what Bora ?
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When you go to the page windows attemps to install the chinese language pack. Just hit the X and continue, nothing dodgy.
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Just goes to show how invaluable a newer car can be, though it won't make me jack in my Mk4 Escort (no money in the bank for a start!).

I wonder if the engines been removed or whether it fell out. I've e-mailed a mate who "does" languages. She might be able to translate. I'll keep you posted.

Mike Farrow
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The only bit I can read is 'Failed MOT'
A word of warning - Pugugly {P}
I feel sorry for the poor motorcylist.
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try this one


interesting website if you have a bit of spare time to kill.

A word of warning - moonshine

These are nasty....
A word of warning - moonshine


Even in a modern car with airbags, ABS, SIPS, ABC, XYZ etc the truth is that if you crash at >60 mph you'll be lucky to live.

I often wonder if nowdays people feel "invinceable" and rely on the air bag to save them?

Human body V's 1.5 tons of metal - I know where I'd put my money.
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I've seen wreckedexotics before, but it does no harm to have a refresher once in a while.

However, moonshine, there is no evidence that any of the drivers died.

It is maybe no surprise that a high proportion of the pics of performance cars show front end damage - probably approaching something immobile or slower and finding they have insufficient brake power or driver reaction time.
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Just hit the X and continue, nothing dodgy.

That would be the X that i've just said has no effect ? ;-)

Bora - what Bora ?
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I've just realised - I have the google toolbar installed which has a pop up blocker - hence I'm getting different results.
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All those Volvo safety acronyms couldn't prevent the driver/owner from hanging what appears to be the fringe from an old red bedspread over the rear view mirror which possibly restricted the driver's view or distracted their attention from the road and caused the accident in the first place.

There ought to be a law.
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Just browsing www.swedespeed.com, and found someone else had posted a link to the same article in the S80 forum. Further down the thread is the following translation of what actually happened, repeated here as I can't get a direct hyperlink to work. Spelling mistakes are included verbatim.


This translation is abstracted, only the most important facts are put here.
On June 17, 2003, this Volvo S80 is running "normally" at 175km mark point of the highway outside Beijin. Another vehicle cut into the lane suddenly, the driver was forced to turn the steering wheel to the right abruptly.

The driver lost control of S80 and the vehicle rolled outside of the highway. It rolled for 65 meters before it stopped.

The driver sustained ankle fracture, and a rear seat passenger had thigh bone fracture. Both recovered well afterwards.

Volvo office of the northern China area examined the wrecked vehicle. A few observations here:

1. Crumple zones are wrecked as expected. "Passenger cage" holds up well, though.
2. Laminated window glass was shattered but no passenger was injured by it.
3. Engine holds up well. It didn't migrate into the passenger area.
4. The shaft of steering wheel didn't intrude into the passenger area.
5. Doors can still be open and the passengers may get out quickly.
6. Both front airbags and right side inflation curtain are set off.
7. The roof sustained huge pressure during the rollover, but its shape is still intact.
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Another picture from the above site...


If that's a golf, I'll eat that motorbike.
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Probably a Volkswagen Gol (no f), South American market only.

Value my car