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Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the Vision CLS concept car will soon go into production. Due to the extremely positive public response garnered by the car when it was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the four-door CLS Coupe (that\'s what the new car will be called) will be built at the DaimlerChrysler factory in Sindelfingen. We\'re sure Mercedes\' decision to go ahead with the CLS would have something to do with the introduction of BMW\'s own large coupe, the 645 Ci. And it would also seem that with the CLS, Mercedes-Benz are now trying to outdo BMW in the weird styling stakes. In production form, the CLS Coupe will come with V6 and V8 engines, and will feature Airmatic pneumatic suspension, seven-speed automatic transmission, Sensotronic brake control, bi-xenon active headlights with see-round-corners function and latest-gen climate control. The German giant reckons that since the CLS combines the shape of a coupe with the convenience of a saloon, it offers more added value than other coupes. So why call it a coupe, we wonder.

Damn nice interior!! Plus it has a glass roof!

Mercedes CLS concept car goes production - Rudolf
It's not obvious, but there must be a way of dimming that glass roof?
Mercedes CLS concept car goes production - Marcos{P}
I notice that most of the interior is the same as my E-Class.
Strange idea really as MB already have a large coupe in the CL.
Mercedes CLS concept car goes production - DavidHM
Does anyone else think it looks like a 70s Austin Princess? Or agree with the Sniff Petrol hypothesis that it's for people who want to buy a German car while looking like a French civil servant in a 607?

Either way, pointless niche marketing, not as good looking as a regular E Class, not as innovative as a BMW 5 series and in fact, a bit embarrassing.

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