Shell Diesel Plus - LongDriver {P}
Any comments on this stuff anyone ?

Haven't noticed any difference in my Galaxy.

(If you live souyth of Manchester-ish, you probably haven't got this stuff yet)

Shell Diesel Plus - Ben79
I filled just over 3/4 tank with Shell Plus having tried some expensive BP Ultimate. The Shell gave an enormous increase in power at motorway speeds on my trip this weekend on the M1, M6 and M62.

My other explanation is that I havent driven the car on the motorway in the cold before and that the intercooler was doing a more efficient job. (Car was run in when bought)

Shell Diesel Plus - BeRudeNotTo
As I live a long way south of Manc'r I have never even heard of the stuff.

What exactly is the 'plus' supposed to mean? Not plus pennies per litre I trust?
Shell Diesel Plus - LongDriver {P}
It's the same price as the old stuff...just has more cetane in or something.
Shell Diesel Plus - 8 ball
Sorry, what's "cetane" (or whatever else it is)?; what does it do?; why should I have more of it? I will soon be getting a diesel (I hope) and I am keen to become a bar room authority on the subject. What about supermarket diesel? Is it OK?
Finally, I always thought you got any old fuel put into service station tanks, not eg specifically Texaco because it is a Texaco station. I thought the oil companies all manufactured interchangeable stuff. (Wow, I'm obviously a long way off from enlightening my boozing buddies.) Any info gratefully received (as ever!). Cheers.
P.S. Answers in as non-technical jargon as possible, please.
Shell Diesel Plus - Oz
>>I thought the oil companies all manufactured interchangeable stuff.

Having used Sainsbury diesel for nearly 3 years I decided to check out BP 'ultimate'. I'm not sure whether there are any performance or technical benefits in favour of BP that I haven't noticed yet, but it sure makes my car thirstier (MPG down by around 10%).
Anyone else find this?
Oz (as was)
Shell Diesel Plus - NitroBurner

Found the same myself with BP 'ultimate'. No noticable difference in performance, but MPG well down!
About 20 mls less from 20 quids worth...

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