V/W Polo problem - palamanda
Hi there,im hoping somebody out there can give me an idea what the problem is with my V/W Polo 1.4cl auto 1998.On the odd occasion it wont start,after a couple of attempts it starts.I left work tonight,started first time.Drove about half a mile,and it just cut out.
The battery light flashed up,after a few seconds it started again.This is the first time it has cut out on me.Has anyone got any ideas?
V/W Polo problem - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I'd suggest the main relay at fault here.This relay is in the facia fuse box and is the bottom right of the two rows of relays.

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V/W Polo problem - palamanda
Thanks for thread,I started it up yesterday and today &it started up first time.But this is what its like.When it wont start engine does turn over,when it cut out the other night i wasnt stationary,also my lights went too.But as as soon as i started it up again all was fine.Also my hazzards worked
V/W Polo problem - 659FBE
The earth lead between the body and engine, or battery and body is almost certainly loose or broken. Check all very carefully, clean connections down to bare metal, and smear well with vaseline or petroleum jelly. Do not use grease or copperslip.

Best or luck, 659.
V/W Polo problem - Peter D
This sounds like the main relay ( X Relay ) If it was a earth strap I suggest the car would not crank over. It may be that the relay needs to reseated or more likely, if you are technically minded and know would to get the cover off the relay, inspect and clean the contacts with 1500/2000 grit paper and finally polish with a normal piece of A4 paper but first just reseat the relay and give it a try for a while. Regards Peter

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