BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - BaseRSXmanual
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - No Do$h

Not pretty
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - Blue {P}
That car is gorgeous, as soon as they remove the last remaining bits of camoflage I think it will look really good.

That's what I'm assuming the black tape stuff is, once it's gone the car will look wonderful IMO.

Where do I sign? Once I've won the lottery that is!

BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - Marcos{P}
If that car is gorgeous then I must have something wrong with my minces.
What a revolting car that has shattered my illusions of the 6 series. As a kid I used to love the 635CSi's and I have looked forward to its true replacement ever since but this monstrosity has annoyed me.
I feel it is time for BMW to let their chief designer go and on his way out beat him with big sticks. I presume by looking at the car that Chris B is still in charge and feel BMW are letting themselves down in a big way by coming out with pony like this. The 7 series is bad, the 5 is just demented looking but the new Z range is great and is now let down by this beast.
I suppose at the end of the day it is all down to personal preferance but no one can say this is an elegant replacement of what I remember as one of the greatest coupes and a school boys dream.
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - Marcos{P}
Sorry I forgot to mention, why does it look like one of those awfull Lexus convertibles from the back. I thought the Japanese allways copied the German styling not the other way round. Sad!
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - Pugugly {P}
Totally undisguised in Winter '03 BMW Magazine - stunning car by any standard, Bangle got it right. I believe that BMW know that their cars won't appeal to the masses by following Bangle's designs, hoping to make them a rarer sight on the roads and consequently more exclusive (T firmly IC!)
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - Pugugly {P}
Meant to add that the photos were of the hardtop.
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - ajit
doesn't the front look like a Pontiac Nascar racer ?
BMW 6 series convertible spy shots *pics - Bagpuss
The coupes have been running undisguised around Munich for a while (check out the pictures on the BMW website) and I've also seen a couple of cabrios in the flesh. Unfortunately, the first time I saw one from the back I thought at first glance it was a Chrysler Sebring, until I noticed the BMW roundel and 645i badge. I still think the rear end styling is the most unhappy aspect. However, the complete shape is distinctive and has massive road presence, particularly the coupe and especially on those huge alloys. The interior looks very nice, similar to the new 5. The droptop would be the choice for me following a lottery win.

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