Audi A2 - Tim Guymer
Have just returned from Germany where I was lucky enough to have an Audi A2 tdi as a hire car. Great car! 60 mpg whilst cruising between 110mph and 125 mph (indicated) on the autobahns! Torque at 2,000 rpm is just what you need although engine gets coarse above 3,200 - really don't need to rev that high though. Typical Audi quality within, ride and handling excellent. However front pillars are appallingly wide with one tiny window between the pillar and door frame. Pulling out of a lot of junctions was extremely tricky and usually involved edging into road to provide a clearer view. Besides that and the stupidly high price tag in the UK, the A2 is one of the best new cars I have driven in a long time
RE: Audi A2 - John Slaughter
110 to 125 mph indicated = flat out. CAR gives a Tdi A2 a top speed of 107mph. It also gives an overall consumption of 65.7 miles/gall, which is excellent, but certainly isn't at top speed. Now, diesels don't give their best consumption when driven flat out, so whilst an A2 may be good is it really that good?

And, I assume the engine was in it's 'coarse' band all the time you were on the motorway, which doen't sound like fun!



RE: Audi A2 - Dave N
It must be a world record, 120mph and 60mpg. Have to get one of those, even if they do look stupid and you can't open the bonnet!
RE: Audi A2 - John Slaughter
Yes, I'm with you there!
RE: Audi A2 - honestjohn
For Tim to have seen an indicated 125mph he'd need to ahve seen an indicated 200kph. I very much doubt this. While the three cylinder 75bhp A4 1.4 TDI is by far the best of the two engines offered in the UK, it gives its best in the low to mid rev range where most of us drive. I speak from experience having driven both last March and having had a RHD petrol for a week in the UK last August.

RE: Audi A2 - Tim Guymer
On the "flatter" gradients downhill the A2 seemed to stop at 190kph, on the longer downhill gradients it would reach just under 200kph but only after a long downhill section. Three other people in the car would happily verify this although it's not something that I particularly want to go on about. -I don't make a habit out of going at these speeds but was in a rush, quite roads, derestricted motorway and was interested in the fuel economy!

My own Mk2 Golf GTI would return 34mpg whilst cruising at 100-110mph due I think to empty and better surfaced roads.
RE: Audi A2 - Tim Guymer
I would also like to say that I don't for one second believe that I was actually driving at 200kph - more like 175-185 allowing for the variances allowed!

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