MGF stuck in reverse - womble

My friend has a 97 MGF which is stuck in reverse gear. Has anyone had this problem before with this model?What was the cause and was it expensive to fix?
Thanks for your help
MGF stuck in reverse - AR-CoolC
Pop here and ask the same question.

MGF stuck in reverse - DL
Oh....what fun! Gear Selector cables..........not easy.

Gearboxes are strong but the remote mechanism gave problems, I reckon that's your problem.

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MGF stuck in reverse - big davey
HI There, yes you have problems, the remote cable for reverse has snapped and what a job. just finnished one all the centre console, rad cass, seats engine bulk head sub frame lowered, water pipes to radiator and so on. I think you get 5 hours for the job, but for your first one put down 6 or 7. good luck.
MGF stuck in reverse - big davey
HI, just to add to the above, when I came to lower the sub frame one of the bolts snapped and its a capptive nut.
MGF stuck in reverse - No Do$h
I'm sure this has been suggested before, but isn't it possible to pull a wire through using the old cable to help start you off? It's rare that a cable snaps in the middle, they usually go at the points of most stress, namely the contact points, so would you not be able to tack a thin wire on to the old cable and pull through?

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