mad lorry driver - moonshine
My journey to court today involved a trip round the M25 and up the M1. On the M25 there was heavy traffic, I was in the second lane doing about 60mph. The second lane was slowly moving past the "slow" lane and I was going as fast as the car in front.

In my mirror I noticed that a large lorry was quite close behind me, I didn't think too much of it as in heavy traffic people always seem to drive too close.

I then noticed that this large lorry had become a VERY large lorry in my rear veiw mirror, it was so close that I had to speed up and sit on the bumper of the car in front to stop it from hitting me. Then for about a mile or two this lorry kept driving up to my bumper (must have been inches away, and no I'm not joking) and backing off, then driving up again. Almost like he was trying to force me off the road. Then he got really close again, starting swerving over the road and flashing his lights, luckily at this point the traffic was starting to clear and I managed to get some distance between us.

I hadn't cut him up and I wasn't hogging the middle lane. I assume he was in a hurry and getting annoyed due to the heavy traffic.

On the way home I saw two accidents, both on the M25 and both involving large lorries. The one on the clockwise section looked like it involved a lorry and a car with the car being spun round and forced off the road. You could see the fresh skid marks very cleary. The other was on the other side and was an overturned lorry which had blocked all but one lane. The tailback was HUGE! and of course caused a tailback on my side as well from the rubbernecking.

I'd interested to hear your comments on this.
mad lorry driver - teabelly
I had a lorry do the sitting on my bumper trick to me while going up the M6. On foreign plates and behaved like this through most of the road works going through thelwall. I find it is better to increase the gap in front and keep as steady speed. Try not to slow down or speed up. They get bored with behaving like cretins usually. If you can change lanes to get away from him, then do so, preferably into the fast lane where he can't legally follow you. As soon as the 70 limit appeared I booted it and left him way behind.

Did you get enough info on the lorry to identify them to their employer? If so try and report them for aggressive driving. If you were in the middle lane and weren't really getting passed those cars in the left then perhaps moving over to the left lane would have been the best option.

Should lorries should be fitted with radar so if they get too close the driver has to listen to a loud buzzer or a note of it is made on the tacho that they were driving too close?

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