Mercedes V Class - Craig_1969
I am considering a V-class Merc, either a petrol model on an S/T plate for under £10k or a Cdi about £14k. Does anyone have any comments on these vehicles?
Mercedes V Class - elekie&a/c doctor
Yes, do not consider this model .The build quality is very patchy (built in spain)& they are not reliable.I have a friend who bought one & I think it spent the best part of 5 months at dealers having all the faults sorted!!
Mercedes V Class - Marcos{P}
A V-Class of this age is a definate no-no. As said the build quality is not up to the standard expected and they are plagued by mechanical problems. The newer ones are much better but may be out of your price range.
Mercedes V Class - DavidHM
Aside from the build quality issues (and they are significant) there's the small matter of the fact that it is every bit as much a van with seats as is a Transit with a sofa in the back.

I know it's a people carrier, and has a Mercedes badge on it, but I don't think it's even a half hearted attempt at one.

Get a proper car instead, unless you actually want a van, in which case may I suggest the VW Caravelle?
Mercedes V Class - NitroBurner
Heed the others warnings!

They spend more time @ the dealers than on the road.

The petrol ones drink more than Oliver Reed did...
Mercedes V Class - Altea Ego
Based up on the experience of a colleague at work, I can only endorse all the poor comments noted here. The dealers treated him like a lepper too, his local dealer wouldnt touch it and told him it had to be repaired and serviced at the commercial depot. Dont throw your hard earned money away.
Mercedes V Class - Craig_1969
At least opinion isn't decided on this subject!!

Thx all.
Mercedes V Class - mark999
Please don't put yourself through the anguish of owning a V class.
Ours was bought new and was faulty from the day we bought it.
Problems included faulty: Brakes, steering, Clutch, suspension links, central locking, oil level sensor. Amongst many others.
Sold it at 3 years old and only 18K miles.
Buy a VW Caravelle - more reliable, spacious and economical.

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