Leaking diesel fuel injectors - Andrew Citroen
A straight answer to a straight question (?).

Do leaking injectors lead to compression loss and presumably lower power output?

This is a follow on question to an earlier query where my replacement engine 1905cc Citroen is an LS6 rather than a DB9, which is at least 10% less powerful. (Don't think I've any comeback though as I asked for a replacement 1900cc BX engine and got the earlier series!).
Leaking diesel fuel injectors - ralphy
It does do damage.
I left a leaking injector untouched for more than a year on a XUD7 in a 205.
When I eventually took it out, the thread in the head was damaged - left any longer and I may have been in trouble.
The injector was also sooty.
I've been told a leaking injector decreases compression, and can overheat, causing it to sieze, which can knacker your injector pump.
A new fire seal washer cured the problem.
Make sure you get a hefty injector socket for removal, and don't overtighten when putting an injector back in.
Leaking diesel fuel injectors - KevDGill
Is it definitely a leaking injector? I had diesel leaking from an injector (or so it seemed) and it was just the run off pipe needing replacement.

-- Kev
Leaking diesel fuel injectors - DL
Yeah, leak off pipes give a fair bit of trouble, whereas injectors generally don't.

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