M reg 306 heater motor earth - Crinkly Dave
I am attempting to get a heater fan going for the son of a friend. Apparently went intermintely faulty (requiring switch to be flicked back and forward) before failing completely. Facia removed a few months back to replace the heater matrix.
I have the Haynes manual, and have checked the relay and resistor pack. I checked across the motor, and the multimeter showed 12v on both sides, but when I removed the motor one wire was 12v and the other open circuit. Motor OK when supplied with 12v and earth.
By my reading of the circuitry this means either a faulty switch (next job), resistor pack (only did a visual), wiring or earth.
Next plan is to check the switch, and see what happens when I supply it with an earth via a jumper.
Does anyone know where the earth for the motor is? I could only find one under the facia on the drivers side, and that was OK.
M reg 306 heater motor earth - little geoff
Dave, I am hoping you can help. I have a N plate 306 (phase 1) My heater matix has given up on me, I am blowing out wet air into the car. I presume my matric has sprung a leak, but I havn't yet taken it out. The Haynes manual isn't that specific, sugesting I need to disconect both the servo vacuum hose, and the immobiliser just to get at the matrix. I was hoping you could give me a few tips, cheers.
M reg 306 heater motor earth - Crinkly Dave
Sorry Geoff, but after doing the same job on my own 405 a couple of years ago I declined the job of replacing the matrix, and the job was done by a local garage.

The 405 was probably similar, and the job was just lengthy and complicated because of the number of things (steering wheel, instruements, fascia) which had to be removed to do the 10 minute job of swopping over the matrix for the new one. I think there was a thread about this job recently, but I suspect you will have to strip out a lot more than the immobiliser and vacuum hose to get at the matrix. I think the fascia needs to come out.

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