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OK First off, yes I do have a 1.7 turbo diesel astra van, I'm not the racing type and it's hardly a lambo, but anyway, I'd like a rev counter, which is one of the two things I miss after changing vehicles (the other being electric windows). I gained a temperature gauge which is nice to have but I did like my rev counter that used to sit in the equivalent space.

Basically my reasoning is that I do like to push the revs nice and high sometimes when overtaking, or just giving it a good blow out, and without said tachometer I've no idea how close I'm getting to redline, or how much more I can get out of a given gear.

Is it possible (well, I know it's *possible* but is it practical/easy) to fit an aftermarket rev counter to a car like mine? Would it be some sort of optical mark counting thingy on the gearbox input shaft or are there simple mechanical alternatives? How much would I be likely to have to fork out for this luxury item? The other problem is that I don't even know where my redline is (in terms of K revs) so even finding an appropriate aftermarket accessory might be an issue.

Alternatively - will I be damaging the engine if I simply accelerate until the rev limiter kicks in then change up? I know I won't be getting the best power/torque/oomph out of it above the ideal power band, but without knowing where that power band is a rev counter won't gain me much either, except that I can watch and judge, and try to keep it between (say) 2000 - 4000 revs.

Any ideas/advice appreciated.

-- Kev
Aftermarket Rev Counter - Altea Ego
firstly, the Astra and Cavalier instalations of this engine did provide a rev counter. Therefore there must be some take off point or way of doing it (alternator?) It will be very hard to find an after market rev counter with a low range (diesels rev lower)

You know when you are approaching the limits on this lump before the rev limiter kicks in. The power sudenly and dramatically falls off before the limiter is effective. You really feel it.

An instrument panel from an astra hatchback with the rev counter in may be the way to go, but a pink fluffy dice to get working i would think.


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