Peugeot 206 Power Failure - bunny
Hello - Anyone out there know of any issues with the 2002 (52) Registered 206 1.1 L 3door Style series?

HAving issues with failing power in battery, with no warning and complete drainage..............

Garage blaming me...........AA man is questioning their judgement.

Peugeot 206 Power Failure - Civic8
Why are they blaming what have they told you?.
Peugeot 206 Power Failure - bunny
Because I dont use it to drive all the way around england - I go to the supermarket, my friends etc. Out to the coast and the counrty, so it gets driven.

The garage asay its beacause of this, and that when I switch the engine off, all the electrics (doors clock) stay on draining the battery. I cant see how this is possible as every car would have the problem - my other car (H reg astra) has electric windows etc, and thats fine - touch wood.

It gives no warning and the AA said he had never seen a car to dead!

Thanks for coming to my rescue......
Peugeot 206 Power Failure - clachnacudden
How long do you leave your car sitting for?
The 206 should go in to eco-mode when the battery gets even slightly low and it should say that on the computer panel..

Try to get them to put a new battery in there as it is still under warranty, if not make sure that they give you in writing the reason why they are taking no action, and what they have done if anything to investigate this problem...Once you change the battery they'll have a reason to say it's your fault if it continues.

Not the easiest thing to do but speak to the manager or even write with your problems if he/she gives no answer, perhaps go to another dealer...

good luck
Peugeot 206 Power Failure - bunny
Thanks for your responses.........have had the vehicle checked and the inspector says that the garage put a new battery in, even though they claim no work was done, as well as fixing the noisey power steering or me.

He said that it couldnt be this full for a year old car and any electrical problems couldve been fixed at the same time without my knowledge.

I dont think I have a legal leg to stand on as I have no proof they have done anything, Ive had to pay £150 for an AA inspection and the garage still swears blind they havent done anything! Cannot believe brand new motoring is harder than old banger motoring!
Peugeot 206 Power Failure - Civic8
Your driving habits will not cause what you have said so far.if your car has self closing windows and whatever once all finished all power is disconnected.sounds like they either don`t know why or cannot be bothered good luck
Peugeot 206 Power Failure - bunny
We think the both apply here.its sad but I think theyre useless - have a look at what the inspection came up with!
Peugeot 206 Power Failure - DL
It's a shame you have had to pay for an inspection yourself!

Have you made contact with the Service Manager at all over this problem?

It might be worth your while writing to the Service Manager, outlining the situation (and copying your letter to the Dealer Principal and Peugeot Customer Services) and see what response you get..

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