Bad paint? Tell the BBC Radio 4 - henry k
About 20 mins after start of program.

Radio 4 programme You and Yours at noon covered the subject of poor paint resilience on modern cars.
They agreed with often posted here impression that modern paint and or final coat can too easily be affected by bird droppings, sap, railway dust and flys etc. Suggested that if the car is washed once a week and it is still affected by the above then the finish is not fit for purpose.
There was some supporting trade support but manufacturers did not participate.

They were asking for those with such paint problems to contact them.

Every little helps so over to all you modern car owners.
Bad paint? Tell the BBC Radio 4 - WipeOut
Thanks Henry, I've just listened to the program with interest and written to them. Below is my e-mail.

Car Paint work.

I purchased a new Volvo S60 Black in January of this year.

I clean the car carefully nearly every weekend; however the paintwork on the bonnet (and only the bonnet) is in a poor state. The car is also garaged at home and at work.

The first problem was due to bird droppings. I cleaned the bird mess almost immediately (within hours), but the damage was already done, and resulted in the lacquer dissolving and scratches to the paintwork, despite wetting the bird droppings before cleaning. Almost no pressure was applied so I don't understand how so much damage could have resulted from trying to clean the body work.

Further the garage itself has scratched the paintwork while washing the car, despite taking utmost care. They later used T-Cut to remove the scratches which has now dulled the paintwork considerable.

The paintwork is now dull, scratched and little minute flakes are chipping off showing white under paint. The garage won't admit to the problem.

I will soon pursue this with Volvo, but any advice would be appreciated.


Bad paint? Tell the BBC Radio 4 - matt35 {P}
I think you are probably on track for a new bonnet spray here - but did you sign your e mail as Wipeout?
Bad paint? Tell the BBC Radio 4 - puntoo
All of the fiats that I have owned have suffered from very thin paintwork, which means that even the slightest knock will produce a scratch all the way down to the white primer.

Of course it was fine during the warranty, but now it looks like a spiders web around where the door locks/handles are.
Bad paint? Tell the BBC Radio 4 - Andrew-T
Presumably this 'soft' paint is the price we all pay for the environmental advantages of water-based paint in the factory? No gain without pain, etc. In other words you never get owt for nowt.
Bad paint? Tell the BBC Radio 4 - hillman
My last car was a Volvo 440, L reg., bought new. When it was about a month old someone scored along the near side, headlamp to tailamp, with a key or a nail. I can't put a date to it, because I didn't notice it until I cleaned it by hand. The scratch is right down to the metal in several places, but has never caused any problem. I have to point the scratch out to people. Why, because the car is a brlliant white colour, and scratches don't show. Black or dark colour cars always show marks up badly. At 107 000 miles I passed the car on to my son, who is still using it.

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