Good show! - hillman
I've been watching the Subaru UK website for news of the new Legacy, but they don't seem the have noticed it. WHEREAS, the HJ site Car-by-Car Breakdown has had it for a while. Good show!
Good show! - hillman
I've just received my copy of the local free newspaper, the High Peak Courier, of 28 Nov.2003. All is revealed as to why the Subaru UK website hasn't yet noticed that there is a new Legacy model. It appears that the car has won the Car of the Year award in Japan, beating the BMW 520, the Jaguar XJ, Audi A3, Honda Odessy, Mazda RX-8 etc... All of the production is taken up by sales in Japan!
Good show! - Pugugly {P}
Our leasing contract comes to an end in April and the 530 will be going whether its renewed or not. My beancounter (aka SWMBO) is calculating the way forward for me as an individual. One option if I move away from the "brand" will be to look at the Legacy.The Legacy would suit me as a "greyer" car. The only problem is the fuel economy and emission levels. She might upgrade to a 3 series, possibly a diesel Compact through her company scheme, so there would still be a blue prop in the family somewhere. By the way, she has refused to work out an hourly rate for me.
Good show! - Jim M
Shame to hear you are considering changing from 530d, from your comments here and from others I gave in to pressure from my dealer and tried new 530d. Very impressed, mid range power is superb, will most likly order one with Nav and headup display...
Assuming I get new contract, looks like work in sunshine finished for a while and eastern europe 'stans see the place to be.....Arrrrrrgh
Good show! - nick
When you've driven a Legacy and enjoyed the superb handling and that wonderful engine you'll wonder why anyone forks out so much more money for a BMW badge. And if you really want an oil burner, why even think about a Subaru?
Good show! - DougB
Hillman - I was on the Subaru website on Friday. The New Legacy appears as a pop-up, and as I'm on Apple-Mac the Google toolbar does not work. If you are blocking you may not see it.

Regards - DougB

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