gift horse or money pit? - knownowt
recenty i acquired a 1.7 td m reg vauxhall astra merit for a nominal fee. after spending approx £500 on front end damage i had 3 days trouble free motoring. The constant red oil warning light didnt put me off as i thought it was a result of my kerb side mechanics absent mindedness, and it was no more than the sender wire having been knocked off, after checking the dip stick, and finding the level correct, i continued driving until the van ground to a halt, a short tow back to the garage, and removal of the oil filter indicated that the oil pump wasnt working. one new oil pump and £250 further down the road and still no oil pumping. can anyone help!!!!!
gift horse or money pit? - DysonC
If all the garage did was fit a new oil pump, you will still have big problems. If a car runs with little or no oil pressure for more than a few senconds, its likely there will be damage to some or all of the bearing surfaces. This means an engine rebuild, or a replacement engine......Sorry.
gift horse or money pit? - Civic8
You haven`t said whether there was any unusual noises from engine.Ie thumping noises unusual noises.which you don`t is possible the oil pressure valve is causing problem.if so a problem but needs to be sorted quickly.before it destroy`s the engine
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further to my last has anyone got a spare engine hanging around for my sad little van,much cheapness essential.


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