Rover 214 emissions - Manatee
A good pal who is an excellent and experienced mechanic has a so far intractable problem. The car has failed its MOT with emissions of 10%. The only symptom other than this is very high fuel consumption which suggests massive overfuelling.

The Rover dealer suggested a new lamba sensor which made no difference. The car has since been to the dealer's, who could find no fault with the diagnostics and tried a new ECU - no change. The (Rover) dealer has now given up saying they cannot fix it! The diagnosis is no-fault-found.

The emissions are absolutely constant at 10% - as if they are being (mis)regulated to that level. The cat has been pronounced OK but if a dead cat were the only problem the emissions should in any case presumably be MUCH lower than 10%?

Has any one had a similar problem and solved it?
Rover 214 emissions - elekie&a/c doctor
These K series engines suffer all types of problems that diagnostics will not show.fuel pressure ,rotor arm &dizzy cap,camshaft valve timing,or the worst prob of low inlet manifold vacuum,which could be valve or cylinder head trouble.
Rover 214 emissions - Civic8
You haven`t mentioned if the engine is running rough.The one thing that will happen on any car that is overfuelled is it will run rough.any thing else been done
Rover 214 emissions - DysonC
I have had this problem on a couple of 214's. If your car has the single point injection system, it will be the injector that is at fault.

They are prone to accumulating varnish-like deposites inside the injector, leading to fueling problems. This fault will not show up as a specific fault code.

The solution is to either fit a new injector, or get yours cleaned and rebuilt by a fueling specialist. A cheaper option would be to get one from a breakers to confirm the problem.

If your car has multi-point fuel injection, let me know, as these have different problems!
Rover 214 emissions - RichardW
Coolant temperature sensor? Sounds to me like it is running in cold start mode all the time.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Rover 214 emissions - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Also, has anyone checked the vacuum line from the inlet manifold to the ECU for leaks and blockages ?

Regards, Adam
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Rover 214 emissions - Manatee
Thanks to all who replied - the vacuum, sensors and hoses etc. have all been checked as suggested and all OK.

DysonC - this car has multipoint injection - did you say you had alternative suggestions? If so we'd be very glad to hear them!

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