How does a Dynapact wrench work? - Harmattan
Been offered the use of a Dynapact wrench to remove highly torqued hub nuts. I haven't seen it working so how do you use it and how does it work? A web search only reveals that Dynapact make torque multiplying systems used in some air wrenches but no mention of manual wrenches although my BX Haynes manual says Citroen recommends the manual wrench for some applications. Is it a complicated cogged multiplier system or is there some sort of spring tension in the wrench?
How does a Dynapact wrench work? - none
I haven't seen a torque multiplier for a few years, but the older one's I have seen had two levers, one was anchored or wedged against something solid - ie. the ground or an immovable part of say, the engine. The second lever was used for turning the bolt. If I remember rightly they worked in the way of a pair of mole grips, a system of levers doing the multiplying.


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