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With the winter salt + sand season approaching, can anyone reasure me about a phenomena I noticed last year on my 1999 peugeot boxer based camper van - at the end of the winter, the white paintwork was speckled with tiny "rust" spots - so tiny you had to gt on your hands and knees to see them. They covered the area from the mid door downwards, and I'm guessing they are the result of ferrous bits + bobs either in the grit or in the general road spray. A days T-cutting removed them, but my worries are:
1) I've never noticed this before on previous white cars.
2) If left, are these specks liable to burrow down and cause damage to the bodywork (presumably if I had a darker vehicle, I would not see them).
paintwork and road grit - Andrew-T
I came across a white car once with rusty specks all over, like you mention. In the end we decided that someone had been angle-grinding some metal nearby and the swarf had blown onto the car. Anyway it cleaned off OK with T-cut. The bits could well be a bit warm from the grinder and cut slightly into the paint.
paintwork and road grit - martint123
You don't park it anywhere close to a railway line do you??
Brake/wheel metalic particles.

A claybar is best for removing this sort of damage. (mentioned elsewhere, but I never have much luch with the search function).

paintwork and road grit - Jehovah
No, it doesn't get parked anywhere strange (although I'm with you on the metallic brake particles, but I was thinking more of little bits of other peoples brake discs etc. mixed in a nice salty spray).
So what is the advantage of a claybar over cutting mixtures?
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