Volvo 480 ABS - andy sampson
When starting my 1991 480 Turbo in the morning the ABS warning lamp stays on for sometime before 'going out', when restarting the car after a short period the lamp 'goes out' straight away.

How do I stand with an MOT, at what point does this become a failure, should I ensure they MOT my car after a run so the light 'goes out' quickly?

Is this a problem developing with the ABS pump ie it takes a while to build up pressure in the morning?

Does anyone have much experiance with ABS

Thanks in advance!!


PS - the ABS lamp never re-lights while driving (so no fault indicated)
Re: Volvo 480 ABS - Dan
Its a safety light that only goes out once you've used your brakes/handbrake?
Or is that the bulb failure light l'm thinking of which goes out when you brake or otherwise use your lights?
In any case l'm not sure an ABS warning light will matter if the MOT brake test machine that goes ping passes your car's braking.
(Will check dem connectors)
Re: Volvo 480 ABS - Darcy Kitchin
Correct behaviour of ABS warning light is listed on a wall chart in my local MoT testers showing car make model year and when the light comes on and for how long. Lighting up when it shouldn't or for too long is a fail point I believe.

Maybe an MoT tester could elaborate?
Re: Volvo 480 ABS - Martyn
Had the same issue when my wife had a 480. The check light on a Volvo stays on until you use the brakes BUT.... the sensor on the front wheel gets covered in cack and the light can stay on. Take the wheels off and hose down, check the connectors and spray the electrical bits with WD40 - mind the discs and calipers - the problem went away.

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