Metro suspension problem - David Horn
my rover 100 has failed its MOT due to insufficient damping on the suspension. It has been refilled and repressurised and the problem still exists. The garage says it needs 2 replacement spheres. None of the metro sites show this as a problem, is the garage correct in there diagnosis?
Is it possible to fit extra dampers as a lower cost alternative to replacing the spheres
Metro suspension problem - kithmo
If it's the front suspension then you may be able to fit shocks. The Austin Metro body had mounting points and some versions had telescopic shockers fitted. Have a look under the wheelarch (behind the plastic liner if it has them fitted) see if you can see the mounting points. Of course yours being the later "Rover 100" (Metro) they may have redesigned the body and it may not have the mounting points at all. worth a look though. If it's the rears giving you trouble then its going to have to be new Hydragas units, they are easy to fit once you've let the suspension down.
Metro suspension problem - David Horn
Sorry to drag this up, but I thought I'd fill you in on what happened. The garage that MOT'd it told me I'd need two new suspension units (£150 each + fitting). Out of curiosity, I took the car to another garage for a look-see, and they've told me there's nothing wrong with it at all. I wandered around the garage car park with the mechanic and bounced around a few other Metro's - they behave the same as mine. New garage has given the car a clean bill of health and a new MOT.

The question is, what do I do about the other garage? Were they trying to fleece me? The new garage doesn't have a terribly high opinion of them. Interesting note - they failed the car on one other point (besides the suspension and faulty brake slave cylinder) on - wait for it - because the two front indicators were slightly different shades of orange.
Metro suspension problem - Dynamic Dave

There\'s a thread running in discussion that may help you with a disputed MOT problem between garages.
Metro suspension problem - Kuang
The rear suspension is deceptively soft under the bounce test - I was almost caught out by that when I was looking for one for my better half. If anything the front tends to go a little bit hard when the gas levels are down.

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