03/53 REG or 04/53 REG? - carayzee
Got a new car ordered, it's in the country, but can't get it till 27th November due to going on hols next week, should I ask the dealer to hang on to it for another month to make it an '04 registered car? Any ideas of the difference in value over say a year? It's obviously the same car and it will be sitting in a field or a shed (if I'm lucky) for a month, but with Christmas looming it will be idle for 2 weeks over that period anyway. The car is an A3 3.2 Sport.
03/53 REG or 04/53 REG? - commerdriver
HJ would know this best but I believe most of the trade care more about the year of registration than the letter. Our company will not allow us to take delivery of new company cars in December for that reason so I guess there is some fact behind that
03/53 REG or 04/53 REG? - Vansboy
Depends how long you want to keep it.

If you're going to swap it in again, in a year or two, expect a valuation difference of several hundred £££.

If you're looking long term, the difference will obviously reduce, but it will always be SEEN to be a year older/newer.

I'd get the car delivered to you on trade plates, then keep it in the garage 'till midnight on 31 December! You can still polish it n sit in it , in the meantime!!


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