VW audio buzzes - teebee2
One for the audio guys: How can I get rid off the buzzing noise through the speakers whenever I play a CD? The car is a mkIV Golf TDI-PD with standard VW radio/cassette and single CD player (separate) mounted in the dash. Radio and cassette are OK, it's only the CD player. I can narrow it down to interference from the injectors, as it only happens when the throttle is pressed, or at idle - it goes away when I lift off.
VW audio buzzes - Altea Ego
Dont know the set up you describe, but noise can get into the system anywhere. Fortunately the radio/cas is ok so thats good news. That means the noise is not injected after the audio stage (ie speaker wires) and there is a clean power supply somewhere.

Run the cd off the same power lead as the Radio - its clean
If possible sheild and earth* any linking wires between radio and CD. Make sure CD case is earthed.

*Copper braid round the cable, earthed at one end only.
VW audio buzzes - buzbee
In the old days, when it was just a radio, I often sorted such problems for friends. The usual cause of the noise was because the negative/earthy lead of the radio had not been taken back to the battery negative. It was connected 'conveniently' to the nearest bodywork. You have to recognise that a car body carries current from the other equipment, on its way back to the battery. If you tap into this current with the negative wire, you risk picking up/hearing noise in the electronics. A battery has such a low impedance that it is almost impossible to have any interference signals across it. So, as a first try you could see if you can run the equipment with wires from battery (properly fused) and if that cures it, you can then look to see if there is somewhere more convenient and nearer you can use. Most car equipment today usually works fine BECAUSE this earthing problem has been sorted.


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