Breakdown cover - No Do$h
Has anyone seen the breakdown rates quoted from the ad on the right? (below top story)

At those prices, think I may give them a spin when my GreenFlag cover expires. The total package including Eurocover costs less than a 10 day add-on for continental cover with my current policy.
Breakdown cover - martint123
It would be a lot more expensive for me. Single vehicle only.
Breakdown cover - No Do$h
Who are you with and what level of cover have you got? I thought the premiums were brilliant value for money compared with my current cover.
Breakdown cover - M.M
As they say "Special Rates" indeed......For the number/age of our vehicles they would be over double the RAC yearly rate we pay!

Breakdown cover - No Do$h
Looks like it's horses for courses then.

Where I regularly drive in Europe and only need cover on my car, it seems to make sense. For multi-vehicle cover, it's a big no-no.

I shall look at it in more detail when I come to renew.
Breakdown cover - martint123
I have an 11 year old MX5 and two motorbikes on RAC recover cover for 74 or 78 quid all in.


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