Best diesel fuels - Emben
Honest John mentioned certain brands - Shell and Texaco - being best for diesel engines. Are these the only two - what about the BPs and Q8s etc? And can anyone tell me how much better the two mentioned will be for my brand new 1.8TDci engine?

Best diesel fuels - Emben
ok - I just read all the earlier responses to Lucy T - but can anyone tell me about Q8 diesel which is my local and offers 2p off with Waitrose vouchers making it my cheapest and nearest.
Best diesel fuels - googolplex
We're still waiting for the objective evidence on this one. Not anecdotal stuff from readers. Someone to give us the science bit...
I still hold to the view that they're all pretty much the same and that perceived differences are ....well, just that...perceived! Go with the 2p off, I say.
Best diesel fuels - No Do$h
I'm fortunate that within 1 mile of my front door I have Tesco, Somerfield, BP, Texaco and Shell all trying to prise my fuel £££ from my wallet. As a result, they are all cheap, so Shell it is. Should the prices change, then I would have to think again.

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