Please Read - Pop-Up ads - No Do$h

There have been a few posts lately regarding pop-ups. The revenue from these and other ads is what pays for the Back Room. The servers and bandwidth don\'t grow on trees and this isn\'t some form of community service penance that has been visited on HJ. The Back Room has to pay for itself, as you will see if you go to \"Announcements\" where HJ has made this point.

Please please refrain from posting comments negative comments about these ads. If it weren\'t for the ads, you wouldn\'t have this place to make other comment and enjoy the varied and valuable resource that the Back Room has become. They are, after all, a minor inconvenience in the overall scheme of things. If you can\'t cope with the odd pop-up, how on earth do you react when things don\'t go your way on the road?

Any further posts on the subject will go the same way as the others. HJ, Mark, Dave and I have .357 delete buttons, the most powerful delete buttons in the Back Room (and the only ones, come to think of it). Now.... Do you feel lucky?

No Dosh


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