Transporting a car from Eng to Scot - epsom driver
Hello all

I need to transport my Renault Megane to from Surrey to whence it came in Bonny Edinburgh.

If its up to it I`m going to get a relative to drive it, but I`m not sure that it will make it (its not been well recently)

With this in mind I would like it to go on the back of .....something.

I understand that you can no longer send cars as freight on trains so I presume my only option is on the road. The cost of this worries me. Does anyone have any ideas how much this is likely to cost? any good/cheaper companies that do this service? or any other ways of getting a car up there?

Transporting a car from Eng to Scot - BB
Get a friend / relative to drive it up.
Take out a AA / RAC policy (about £70-80)
If it breaks down, they will tow you the rest of the way and then you have the remainder of the year of the breakdown policy left.

Transporting a car from Eng to Scot - stackman
You could try the car transporter companies. I used to work for one and thay had a system to deal with dealer swaps and other miscellaneous movements in addition to delivering new cars from distribution centres.

You may need to take the car to their depot and also arrange to collect it from a local dealer in Edinburgh if you delivery address is not reachable by a transporter.

Otherwise contact your nearest large car auction, (Blackbushe far from you ?) they have car delivery facilities and could possibly arrange to deliver your car.

The delivery would probably take 3-4 days as the car is fitted in with others to make full loads.

I would guess the price would probably be around £300.00 but its been a long time sie I worked in the business.
Transporting a car from Eng to Scot - PhilW
Trailer hire? there's a useful chap near us who does "towavans" and has a car transporter trailer also. Only charges £15 for first day and £5 a day thereafter. Unfortunately not near you but you could look in Yellow Pages. Course - you would also need a car with towbar (or a hired van?) and the time to drive up and back, so maybe not such a good suggestion!!! sorry
Transporting a car from Eng to Scot - Algernon
It could be easier to sell one in Surrey and buy one around Edinburgh?

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