Mk3 Golf Rear wash/wipe - jonesy127 {P}
I have a '94 1.8 GL that has a seized up rear wash/wipe. Had the car for around 4 years and it's been fine until the last couple of months.

Like I say, it won't move at all. And I'm sure, before it started playing up, the washer was moving with the arm?

Anyone else experienced similar?
Mk3 Golf Rear wash/wipe - M1ke
My Golf mk3 '94 1.8 Driver had the "squirty" end snapped off and the black cover was missing when I purchased it, had to drill out the remaining plastic stub and attach a new one (a couple of quid). The "squirty" bit now moves with the wiper but I don't think it is meant to due to it now squirting pedestrians when the wiper is at its max travel. Mind you better than directly squirting behind!

To partially dismantle the system, take the cover off around the "squirter", get a pair of plyers and carefully pull the squirter out, remove the plastic panel inside the boot and you should be able to pull the other end of the tube out.

If I am incorrect someone please correct me! Sorry my problem was not identical but may hopefully be of some use.



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