Platinum Sparks - any better ? - arnold2
Need to change the plugs and air filter in New Beetle 1.6 engine (same one as in Golf and A3 - 105BHP).

Is there any benefit to getting higher performance sparks - better performance or economy, or do they just last longer - or just cost more ?!

Ditto high performance air filters - any use spending more on them ?
Platinum Sparks - any better ? - jc
P or PP at the end of the part number usually designates one or two platinun plated electrodes(used for durability). C or CC is the same for copper plated but won't last as long.Air filters-the manufacturers are best.
Platinum Sparks - any better ? - arnold2
Been searching the web a bit in the meantime !

Seems Iridium plugs are the latest thing - anyone used them ?!
Platinum Sparks - any better ? - John S

C and CC certainly mean copper, but I believe it means copper cored electrode(s), for better heat transfer, rather than copper coated.


john S
Platinum Sparks - any better ? - Aprilia
Platinum and Iridium last much longer (less spark erosion) so gap is maintained over 50-60k miles. Tip is usually smaller too, meaning that spark strikes at a lower HT voltage - less chance of misfiring under adverse combustion conditions.
Platinum Sparks - any better ? - arnold2
Thanks for the advice - will let you know if the car goes any better !

Found a good website - , who also promptly answered 2 e-mails I sent them - prices seem pretty good, too !


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