Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - xsaradriver
I live in liverpool and we have not too many speed cameras, police patrols. U can get from a-b fairly easy with no fear of being scammed by the cameras. Lots of teenage "businessmen" in lexus is200's. What are the best/worst things about driving in your area ???????????
Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - Pugugly {P}
Tourists (all year round - been held up by on tonight, dark country roads compounded by people who insist on using front fog lamps and the dreaded all too common Cyclops.
Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - Ben79
The best thing about the Yorkshire Dales are the roads. True, some are pot holed and the only comfy way of crossing them is in a Citroen, but there are some great drivers roads and breathtaking views.

Worst thing? Traffic is always practically a standstill in the cities.
Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - Dereksn51
It's got to be the school run.Live near a school like I do and you see the most ridiculous attempts at parking.Drives me mad seeing what some people will do just to get an extra yard closer to the school.Without the school run the roads are quiet.This is btw not a local phenomenen.I live on the outskirts of liverpool as well and agree we're not too bad for cameras etc-at least i've not been caught yet....
Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - PhilW
1. The inconsiderate so-and-sos who park on the double yellow lines outside the newsagents morning and evening in our village and the even more inconsiderate so-and-sos who park on the double yellow lines opposite to use the cash machine and who consequently block the road and hold up 30 cars in each direction because they can't be bothered to walk the 20 yards from either of the car parks available
2. The traffic planners who insist on putting 8 sets of traffic lights on every roundabout (even operational in the middle of the night) instead of putting a little bit of trust in the motorist to be able to use a roundabout without lights
3. Fog lights 24 hours a day, front and rear throughout the year (when did you last have fog that reduced visibility to less than 100m ? (Yawn)
4. School run 4x4s driven by women who think they (the cars)are 20 feet wide and should occupy all the road.(Yawn)

1. Only having to drive 5 miles to work
2. Along quiet rural roads
Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - PoloGirl

People in Wolverhampton are generally quite friendly, letting you merge into traffic and out of junctions.

Oodles of free parking at the Merry Hill centre - avoid it at Christmas though!


So many roundabouts on the ringroad have traffic lights on them. I grew up in Basingstoke, land of the roundabout, where people have the intelligence to make their own judgement.

Too many unsafe heaps that I don't know how they keep them on the road. Usually containing 6 kids with no seatbelts, a blonde smoking in the passenger seat and a big fat wolves fan driving with his seat on the floor.

The fact that you can't drive anywhere when Wolves are playing at home.

The Birmingham New Road - 40mph with cameras and it gets longer everytime! The only amusement to be had are the little boys in Novas/Saxos who try and race you off each and every one of the 20+ sets of lights before you get to the M5.

The amount of old BMW/Mercs with alloys and blacked out windows that make you wish you had bullet proof glass when you get stuck next to them late at night.

The amount of speed cameras that Staffordshire have - and all of them seem to work!

Best/Worst things, driving in ur area - Sheepy-by-the-Sea

Best: Yeadon Way, built on the old railway embankment (no, it should never have shut), gets the tourists off the motorway and into the car parks without them cluttering our roads up...shame about the ones who think it's a dual carriageway.

Walking to work.

Worst: Speed cameras everywhere. Limits dropped to 30 everywhere just so they can put signs up saying 'Blackpool is 30 or less'.

Motorhomes on the Fleetwood road. This road has the only 60mph stretches within miles of my house, and there's always somebody in a motorhome doing 25.

Same road - streetlit, so some drivers think it's automatically a 30 limit.

People assuming that a speed camera always = 30mph (thanks to those 30 or less signs).

The illuminations. Why do people have to drive through? They should all park on the outskirts, and be bussed through for a small fee. Or walk. Heaven forbid.

Railway station in the wrong place and necessity of changing at Preston from a nice comfy train to some two-car heap. And we expect political parties to want their conferences here (we had the Tories this year, but only because everywhere else was booked up).

And lots more. By the way, if anyone reading this is a regular visitor to Blackpool - we love you really! (But don't drive at 30 in a 60 limit).

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