Laguna steering noises - No Do$h
Not a good week in the No Dosh household.

Mrs No Dosh has a '98 Laguna 1.6 16v. I had to manouvere it out of a tight space yesterday and noticed a "bonk" everytime the steering passed straight ahead.

After popping the bonnet and having a listen, the noise doesn't seem to be coming from the pump, nor does it seem to originate from either wheel end. Could be the rack?

Anybody any experience of this and any suggestions on what I should be looking at?


Laguna steering noises - No Do$h
No takers then?

Looks like I have to pay a dealer after all

Laguna steering noises - Dynamic Dave
Just thinking aloud whether or not it's the universal joint at the bottom of the steering arm that in turn goes through the bulk head to the rack??
Laguna steering noises - No Do$h
Good thinking - it would make sense given that the noise comes when returning across "neutral" steering from either side. I shall have the beast up on stands at the weekend for a rummage and will start there.


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