Pug 306 Engine cutting out! - GT_M
Hi Everyone,

I have a pug 306 1.4 XN (126,000 miles)

The problem is that after about 5 minutes of driving the engine will just cut out. It has happened 3 or 4 times now and can happen at anytime even when just driving along the motorway (i.e. not just slowing down for a round about).

The car will then not start for about 1 minute (guess it is flooded). After this it will then run fine for the rest of the journey and not cut out anymore.

If anyone can help or give a suggestion. thnaks

Pug 306 Engine cutting out! - DL
Replace the temperature sensor on the gearbox end of the cylinder head - I had one doing exactly the same.....gave me the runaround!

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